Pool Games to Keep Everyone Entertained

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If you are one of many Americans who are flattening the curve by staying home and practicing social distancing, finding entertainment is vital. We are busy people, used to working, going out with friends, and traveling at will. However, this season can still be filled with fun and excitement at home.

Fortunately, temps are starting to rise, and it’s getting quite close to pool opening time! That’s why we’ve created a list of pool games to keep everyone entertained at your house. A pool is a great way to stave off boredom and stay active. Read on to find a new favorite pool game or a twist on some classics to keep your household engaged.


The Classics

Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a classic for a reason. As long as you can swim, you can play, making it great for all ages. If you’ve never heard of the game, one person closes their eyes and calls out “Marco,” and the other people reply, “Polo”. The person with their eyes closed has to catch one of the other players without opening their eyes.

The Twist: If you are wanting to make this game more challenging, try adding impediments each time someone is caught by Marco, like earplugs to make it harder to hear or have them carry weights to slow them down.


Beach Ball Games

From volleyball to keep-away, there are endless games with plenty of customization to fit your family. A beach ball is a fantastic, cheap addition to your pool and presents you with endless options.

The Twist: For an adult twist on the game, try adding LED lights into your beach balls or balloons for a nighttime swim.



This game is fun for everyone, from kids to adults. This four-player game features two human bases with two more people sitting on their shoulders. The two teams then wrestle with one another and try to get the other team to fall.


Ring Toss

This traditional game has you tossing rings all over the pool! Participants race to collect the most rings or collect all rings the fastest.

The Twist: Add floating and sinking toys to your game and create a sort of obstacle course to make it more challenging for older kids or adults.



Racing is a great way to transform fun into exercise. No matter if your family is big or small, as long as there are at least two members, you can run races against each other over and over again!

The Twist: Add obstacles and create a bracket for the winners throughout the week. Maybe set up a prize for the winner or winners if you have more than one age bracket.


Lesser-Known Games

Treasure Chest

A fun way to keep young kids entertained, toss some change into the pool and have kids compete to bring back the most. Kids can pretend they are mermaids or pirates, adding some creativity to a very basic game.


Water Balloon Fights

Whether you want to play catch with higher stakes or just want to host an all-out water battle, water balloons will get you there. Fill them up with cold water for some additional fun.


Floating Ring Toss

The floating ring toss is a fun game that you can purchase in whole online, or make from scratch with pool rings and a pool noodle. Then you simply toss rings at different distances for points.


Musical Floaties

All you need for a twist on this classic game is pool floaties for all but one of the players in the middle of the pool. Then you play music and swim around the floaties and hop on one when the music stops. This is a great game for all ages!


Chicken Coop

This game has many names and variations, but the great thing about it is you can adjust it for small groups. Have a small family? You can have a “coop” set up at either end of the pool and have two people herding floaties or balloons into their coops. Have a big family? Parents can herd children into their coops and give them a specific amount of time they have to stay before escaping. No matter how you play, it’s a great way to spend time with family and forget your worries for a little while.

With a pool from Orange County Pools & Spas, your summer can turn out to be an incredible time together. We’ve got in-ground, above-ground, and on-ground options to make your backyard a beautiful retreat to come home to. Add in these pool games to keep you and your family entertained. And when you need chemicals or products to care for your pool, contact our experts for curbside service! We’ve got you covered for a summer full of fun together.

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