Building a serene space for the ultimate in relaxation and restoration is easier than ever with a quality hot tub from Orange County Pools & Spas. If you are on a quest for spas in , we have the right retreat that will restore health and balance to your body and soul.

Experience head-to-toe relief with an incredible hot tub right in the comfort of your own backyard. Our sensational lines of hot tubs bring transformative health directly to where you are — making wellness accessible and inviting. Welcome to a whole new way of living.

Orange County Pools offers Wellis spas

When you want advanced hydrotherapy and smart technology, look no further than a Wellis® spa from Orange County Pools & Spas. The ergonomic seating, sleek and sophisticated aesthetics, and powerful hydrotherapy combine for an experience like no other. Sit back and relax in seats that envelop you in soothing comfort. Innovative massage jets target specific parts of your body, and circuit seating allows you to move to different seats for a whole new encounter. 

A truly one-of-a-kind experience, you’ll leave each soak session feeling renewed and ready to take on whatever’s ahead. Explore our Wellis CityLine, MyLine and Peak Line models to find the perfect spas in .

Make your dreams come true with a sensational Dream Maker™ spa. Ranked as the #1 value spa by Trade Certified™, your Dream Maker hot tub is luxurious, affordable, and ideal for the whole family. Design your own paradise with a gorgeous spa from our Cabana, Crossover and Stonehenge collections. These easy to install, plug-n-play hot tubs are comfortable and accessible — leaving you feeling refreshed and renewed. For hot tubs in , a Dream Maker spa is a perfect choice.

Want the blissful benefits of advanced hydrotherapy for a fraction of the cost? Dream Maker gives you an incredible hot tub experience at a price point you’ll love. The rotomolded, sustainable Syncrylic™ shell is built to stand the test of time. Plus, you’ll find energy-efficient features such as premium insulation and cover options, as well as heating technology that maximizes efficiency, rivaling all other plug-n-play spas. 

Lean back and let the worries of life fade away in the warmth of soothing water. Dedicated jets hit pain points for targeted relief. And with conversational design, your Dream Maker spa is the prime place to connect with the ones you love the most. With maximum comfort and excellent performance, you’ll have a space at home that you long to be night and day.

The Right Hot Tub Makes All the Difference

When looking for spas in , you’ve found your perfect selection of hot tubs at Orange County Pools & Spas. Request your own hot tub price list today. Experience better sleep, pain relief, mental and physical health, relational connection and so much with a splendid spa from Wellis or Dream Maker. Stop into one of our convenient locations to see for yourself that the comfort and relaxation you’ve been longing for are within reach. Restore health and balance. The right spa makes all the difference in the world.

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