Planning for Spring for Pool Owners

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As the days gradually get longer and temperatures creep higher, most pool owners get antsy about the pool season starting. Way before it’s warm enough for a daily plunge, temperatures do get warm enough to allow for bacteria, algae, and other yuckies to begin growing. As soon as temperatures are regularly reaching 70-degrees, it’s time to start treating your pool water.


Opening Your Pool: Professional Service Versus DIY

There are two ways to get that pool opened right. The first is to hire a professional to open your pool. Most pool professionals’ schedules fill up fast, so get on the schedule as soon as possible. You can also choose to have regular pool maintenance scheduled thereafter so that you spend more time enjoying your pool and less time balancing chemicals.


The second option is DIY.

  • Start by draining and cleaning the pool cover. If you don’t do this properly, all the gook on the cover will wind up in your pool, making the opening job tougher than it needs to be.

  • When it’s clean, remove the cover. Clean thoroughly and allow it to completely dry before storing it. Storing a wet cover causes mold and mildew to grow on the cover, meaning a costly replacement next year.

  • Refill the pool to its normal level. It’s almost certain that some water has evaporated during the winter, and running the pump and skimmer when the water level is too low can damage your equipment.

  • Now hook up your equipment and replace the drain plugs. Reconnect your pump, heater, filters, etc.

  • Crank up your equipment and let it run. Be sure everything is working properly.

  • Test your water chemistry. Add any chemicals you need to restore your pool water to proper balance.

Trouble? Call Orange County Pools & Spas if you have questions about water chemistry or if any of the parts of your pool system don’t seem to be working properly.


When is it Time to Swim?

The unofficial pool season kicks off around Memorial Day. Some years, we get nice, warm weather before then, and if your pool chemistry is adjusted well, hop right in! Other years, we get colder weather and have to wait a bit. A heater can significantly increase your swim season, both in the spring and in the fall. Without a heater, the water temperature needs to reach about 78 degrees before you dive in.


What if There’s a Problem?

Whether you want to hire a pro or DIY your pool opening, we can help! We have the service, chemicals, maintenance, repairs, and even the pool toys you need for a great swim season in 2020. What are you waiting for? The pool pros at Orange County Pools & Spas are ready to help you!


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