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Having been in the backyard business since 1969, Orange County Pools & Spas knows how great owning a hot tub can be. We also know that occasionally issues arise. In such instances, your hot tub might need some additional care. As part of our commitment to unmatched quality and customer support, we’re proud to offer hot tub maintenance and repairs. Here’s what we can do to assist you if your hot tub needs repairs, as well as additional services that we offer.

Help When You Need It 

Our hot tubs are made from high quality products. That said, sometimes even these products run into an unexpected glitch. We get it: sometimes your hot tub just needs a bit of help. Maybe the jets aren’t running the right way, or the heat isn’t as high as you might want it. This might seem like a cause for alarm, but don’t worry! Once you contact us, our trained technicians will be happy to take over with diagnosing and fixing the issue.

Weekly Warriors

To assist in preventing hot tub problems before they even happen, Orange County Pools & Spas also offers weekly maintenance for your hot tub. We bring the necessary testing and chemical supplies, test the water for you, and perform any routine maintenance. This way, you can get back to enjoying your hot tub faster without any hassle. Simply call us to be added to our regular weekly maintenance schedule.

Opening and Closing

In addition to our weekly service routes, we’re also happy to provide maintenance on your hot tub if you’re on vacation. Need us to open your hot tub? We’ve got you covered. From water testing to chemical balancing to checking the filtration and pump systems, we’re happy to do it all.

On the flip side, if you need assistance in closing your hot tub for the winter, we can do that too. Here in New York, the winter climate can be a challenge. The Orange County Pools team knows all the proper winterizing procedures for safeguarding your hot tub for the cold months and an easy opening next season.

Water Testing

Finally, we are excited to offer professional hot tub water testing absolutely free! Simply bring us a sample of your hot tub’s water in a clean jar or other receptacle for optimal results, and we’ll run it through our computerized water testing system. We recommend that you bring us a sample to test once every three months. Our system gives you an extensive overview of your hot tub water’s health and any changes that might be needed.

Orange County Pools & Spas knows that owning a hot tub is all about relaxation. That’s why we’re here to answer any questions you might have. And we are happy to walk you through the troubleshooting process. That way, you can avoid stress and get back to using your hot tub. Our new Windsor location can be reached at 845.565.5777. Or call our Mohegan Lake location at 914.528.9000.

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