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Hudson Valley Pool Design Ideas

Dreaming of a new inground pool? At Orange County Pools and Spas, we can help you turn your dream of a backyard pool into a reality! As the premier Hudson Valley pool builder, we have the experience, knowledge, and the best pool design and pool building teams around to create an outstanding pool you will enjoy for years to come. The first step in the pool building process is to design what you want and what works for your backyard space. Here are a few of the top Hudson Valley pool design ideas for your dream inground pool. 

Add LED Lights to Your Pool Design

Adding LED lights around and in your pool can serve several purposes. For one, more lighting adds additional safety. Also, lights in and around your pool are beautiful! Whether a nighttime family swim, poolside date night, or just spending time to unwind at your pool, LED pool lights are a fun pool design idea that can set the atmosphere. 

Make Your Pool Design Fun with Water Features

Take your pool design to the next level with a show-stopping water feature. Some of our favorites include a waterfall, laminar jets, bubblers, or a vanishing edge. Having a water feature is a pool design idea that will impress your guests and give your backyard a stunning look!

Consider In-Water Seating in Your Pool Design

Many people enjoy adding a pool design feature that gives them in-water seating options. This allows swimmers a place to relax and sit while still in the water. As your Hudson Valley pool builders, we can add a Baja shelf or tanning ledge for shallow water seating and tanning. Another pool design idea is an in-water bench. For more in-water fun, add a bar shelf to your pool design for a swim-up spot to eat, drink, and hang out. 

Pool Design Ideas for In-Water Entertainment 

Don’t forget to add a little excitement to your pool design! Adding a rock slide or basketball hoop will bring fun for the whole family. In addition, if you’d like a place to relax and unwind, consider a spa companion. A spa can be built next to your pool and have a seamless look and feel.

Don’t Forget Pool Entry Ideas in Your Pool Design

Though sometimes overlooked, planning your pool entry is an important part of your pool design. One idea for pool entry is steps. You can choose from a variety of pool step shapes, locations, and sizes. Another option is a zero-entry pool, where the pool slowly slopes into the deeper water. Zero entry is especially fun for little swimmers to play and splash in the shallow parts. 

Poolside Additions Ideas for Your Pool Design

Complete your ideal pool design with beautiful, comfortable outdoor furniture. Enjoy dinner with friends around an outdoor dining set or lounge with a good book on your outdoor couch set. You may also consider an outdoor fire pit to gather around by your pool. 


To learn more about the pool design and building process, contact our team. Check out our gallery of some of the inground pools we have completed. At Orange County Pools and Spas, we proudly serve as the top pool builder for the Hudson Valley and beyond! Contact us to get started with your pool design process today.

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