How Long Do Above Ground Pools Last?

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How long do above ground pools last?

Before adding an above ground pool to your backyard, you may wonder, “How long do above ground pools last?” Most above ground pools will provide pool fun for at least 10-20 years. With warmer temperatures and longer days, summer will be here shortly. This means now is the time to get your above ground pool to make summer a splash. As your source for all things pool and summer-fun related, we can help you find the perfect pool to match your style, needs, and primary use. That being said, here are some ways you can extend the life of your pool.

How Long Do Above Ground Pools Last?: Choose a Quality Above Ground Pool

With so many above ground pools on the market, it’s important for you to find the best one. You want an above ground pool made with high-quality material from a reputable company. You also want a pool that is made with intelligent design. This is why Carvin® above ground pools are superior. The structure is designed with industrial strength steel, aluminum, and robust resin. The triple wall pattern is designed for increased durability. Additionally, the materials are designed to resist corrosion, scratching, and fading. Increase the amount of swimming fun you can have with our high-quality above ground pools.

Regular Maintenance and Care for Your Above Ground Pool

You also can increase the life of your above ground pool with diligent and dedicated pool maintenance and care. Regularly test the water, balance chemicals, and follow recommended care schedules. Bring a sample of your pool water into our store anytime and we can test it for you. We can also help you with recommended chemicals and pool care tips. 

Replace the Liner on Your Above Ground Pool

Another way to extend the life of your pool is by replacing the pool liner as needed. High-quality pool liners like those found on Carvin above ground pools only have to be replaced every six to ten years. By properly maintaining the chemicals and other pool care, you can increase the longevity as well. 

If the pool liner has tears or cracks, it is important to replace the liner right away. Not replacing it could result in lasting damage to the frame and other parts of your above ground pool. Additionally, properly winterizing your pool at the end of swim season is extremely important for protecting your pool liner and increasing how long it lasts. This is especially true for our harsh New York winters. If you need help closing your pool at the end of swim season, our team at Orange County Pools and Spas can help you do so properly. Contact us about opening and closing your pool! 

Be Quick to Repair Issues

This one may seem like a no-brainer but it’s worth repeating. If you ever have a pool issue, big or small, have it checked out and repaired quickly. Catching issues early can save you money and allow your pool to last even longer. For all your pool repair needs, contact our expert team at Orange County Pools and Spas.

How long do above ground pools last? An above ground pool will bring your family loads of laughs and summer fun year after glorious year! Splish and splash all summer long right from your own backyard. Don’t fret over how long your above ground pool will last. With proper care and attention, you will have years of great memories and enjoyment. Order your above ground pool today with Orange County Pools and Spas — the Hudson Valley leader in pool building, installation, and repairs. Contact us today!

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