How Do I Finance a New Fiberglass Pool

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How Do I Finance a New Fiberglass Pool

Having a pool in your own backyard is the dream, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular one. Maybe you’ve been thinking about it for years and you’ve just never made the leap. Perhaps it’s a new wish that you can’t stop thinking about. Either way, it’s completely understandable to consider putting in a fiberglass pool, especially with all the extra time we’ve been spending at home. With that in mind, many people are wondering, “how do I finance a new fiberglass pool?”

People are spending more time at home these days. It’s no wonder that interest in private swimming pools has exploded. After all, having a swimming pool at home provides a place to get some exercise, somewhere to have fun and relax, and a bit of a getaway – all in your own backyard.

The Perceived Challenge

So, with all that benefit, why doesn’t everyone have a fiberglass pool installed? The hold-up, for many people, is money. Most homeowners put off having a pool installed because they feel that they don’t have enough saved to pay for a pool installation.

An Opportunity Awaits

Having cash saved for your new fiberglass pool is wonderful, but if you need some help with paying for the process, there is a fantastic option. Many soon-to-be pool owners opt to finance their new fiberglass pools. While some choose to source their own loans, there are plenty of risky financing options out there. It’s hard to know who to trust when you’re doing things on your own and you don’t know a lot about financing.

Working with a pool builder that offers financing through a trusted financing company takes the worry away. Not every pool builder provides financing options. Some try to do the financing themselves. However, it’s usually far less stressful to find a reputable builder who provides financing through an experienced home improvement financing company.

The Easy Route

Arranging financing yourself can be tricky, especially if you’re unsure about the process. You don’t want to end up putting your home with your brand new pool on the line, just to get the loan. 

If you go with a pool builder that offers home improvement financing through a reputable company, such as Orange County Pools & Spas, the process is quite simple. You start with a simple meeting to discuss your fiberglass pool plans. We can then work out the amount that’s required to do the installation. Next, we’ll go through the loan application process through our financing company. Once you’re approved and the funds come through, your pool installation gets the green light!

Speed Up the Dream

If you’ve been thinking about having a fiberglass pool installed, but are in need of financing, Orange County Pools & Spas can help. Through our trusted partnership with HFS Financial, you make your fiberglass pool dreams come true much sooner than you think. 

HFS Financial matches homeowners with the right loans for their specific needs. The application process is quick and easy! Give us a call today at either our New Windsor Location at 845-565-5777 or our Mohegan Lake Location at 914-528-9000 to find out more!

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