Host a Hot Tub Christmas Party

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If you own a hot tub, you already know that enjoying a hot soak during the cold winter months is a magical feeling. Why not share a little magic with your friends and loved ones this holiday season by hosting a hot tub Christmas party? Planning, shopping, wrapping, and cooking for the holidays is time-consuming and stressful.  That’s why Orange County Pools and Spas believes that slowing down and enjoying the little things with our families is the best way to spend the Christmas season. There won’t be a single blue Christmas when you host a hot tub Christmas party! With these few tips, your bash will banish bah humbugs from even the Scroogiest guest on your list!

Set the Scene

Make your guests feel like they have entered a winter wonderland by stringing up extra twinkle lights outside. Hang pretty ornaments or lanterns from tree limbs or overhangs. Get kids involved in the decorating by cutting out classic paper snowflakes. These can be hung with fishing line to further the effect. Playing Christmas music in the background and serving warm drinks like cider and hot chocolate will complete the holiday mood.

Party Games

Playing games together creates fun and memories that no one will forget. Any of your favorite hot tub games can be enjoyed, but here are a few of our favorites.

  •  I’m Going to the North Pole: The first player thinks of something to take to the North Pole and says, “I’m going to the North Pole and I’m going to bring _____.” The next player repeats the phrase and adds another item to the list. The next player repeats the phrase along with the first two items and then adds their own item to the list. Continue around the circle with each player repeating the list. Then add one more item to bring to the North Pole. A player is out when he or she is unable to repeat all the items on the list in the correct order. The last player to name all the items in the correct order wins.
  • Christmas Charades: Divide hot tubbers into teams to play the classic charades game using only words or phrases that relate to Christmas. Christmas movie titles or song lyrics work especially well for this game.
  • Pass the Bauble: All that’s needed for this game is an unbreakable, plastic Christmas ornament. Players must attempt to pass the ornament from player to player, but there’s one catch: they can’t use their hands. Any other body part such as elbows, knees, neck, or feet are allowed. Any player who drops the ornament is out.

Hot Tub Christmas Caroling

We all know that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear! And there’s no better way to revive the old-fashioned tradition of caroling than singing Christmas carols with your friends and family in your spa. Take turns singing family favorites or keep things simple by searching for a Christmas playlist on Amazon Music or Spotify. Be prepared to take your caroling to the next level with festive Christmas hats. Your guests will feel like they’ve boarded the Polar Express when they’re belting out their favorite Christmas tunes while wearing a funny Santa hat!

Pay Attention to Detail

During the holiday rush, it’s easy to forget little things. Be prepared for forgetful guests with extra robes, slippers, swimsuits, and warm towels. Set up extra seating and a patio heater around the hot tub for guests who are waiting for their turn. It’s also nice to have a warm comfortable area to sit for those who might not want to get in the hot tub but still don’t want to miss out on all the fun.

Make your holiday extraordinary when you host a hot tub Christmas party. Contact our pool experts to answer any questions you might have about getting your spa ready for the occasion or have a professional test your water for free. Forget about white Christmases; your guests will be dreaming of a hot tub Christmas for the whole next year!

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