Deciding Between an Inground & Above-Ground Pool

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You know you want a backyard pool but you’re just not sure what kind: inground or above-ground. You know the basic pros and cons of each…like you already know an inground pool is more expensive but lasts longer and an above-ground pool has quick installation so you can be swimming in days not months. But what else? No one wants to install a pool and then wish they’d gone the other direction. Which is why we put together this guide to help you decide between an inground or an above-ground pool!


You already know that an inground pool should last you longer than an above-ground pool. And for most people that immediately puts it on the “pro” list. But, actually, what you should be asking yourself is how many years of use best fits your needs. Do you want a pool so your kids can spend every sunny weekend and school holiday splashing in your own backyard? Do you love swimming and know you’ll greet every pool season with excitement, even after your children are grown?

If you’re really only getting a pool for your kids, remember that you’ll still be maintaining it long after they’ve moved out. So, in that case, a pool with a 30-year lifespan may not be what you need.

But, if you know you’ll love owning a pool for the long haul, a pool with the longest lifespan is a great choice.

How You’ll Use It

How will you use your new pool? In reality, a round or oval above-ground pool can offer as much (or even more) swimming area as an inground one, but depending on how you will use your pool, it might not seem like it. If you like swimming laps for exercise, or you’re a triathlete who needs a pool for training, a rectangular inground pool will benefit you more than an above-ground pool.

On the other hand, if you want lots of room to splash with your kids or you’d like a big area for doing water exercises, an above-ground pool could fit your needs perfectly.

To decide what fits your needs, here are some questions to consider:

  • Does my pool need room for swimming laps?
  • How deep do I want my pool?
  • Would my family prefer a pool that has a slide or diving board?
  • What type of exercises will I/we do in the pool?
  • How many people will be using the pool?
  • What features are at the top of my list (like a tanning ledge, fountains, large shallow end, etc.)


When you imagine your ideal backyard, what does it look like? What does your pool look like? Possibly the biggest drawback associated with above-ground pools is the lack of customization options. While you can still get creative with your backyard landscaping and deck, for the pool itself, you’re limited to round or oval. So, the question you need to ask yourself is, “How important is customization to me?”

If you choose an inground pool, there are so many styles and shapes to choose from. Plus, it’s easier to design a pool that complements your home and yard.

That said, there really is no right or wrong answer here. It’s just a matter of what works best for YOU. For a start, get some pool design inspiration by taking a look at our Pools page, which showcases both inground and above-ground pools. Then, when you’re ready, stop by or contact us and one of our experienced staff can answer all your pool questions!

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