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Once you’ve said goodbye to those glorious summer days full of sun and fun and closed the pool for winter, it’s easy to forget about pool maintenance. However, a little bit of attention goes a long way when it comes to your pool cover. Checking on your pool cover this winter will preserve its integrity, ensure safety, and make opening your pool a breeze next summer. Follow these steps to keep your cover functioning properly all winter long!

Keep Your Cover Cleared Off

Leaves, twigs, and other debris have an annoying habit of gathering on pool covers. Fallen leaves can clog the cover pump, and small sticks could puncture your cover if not cleaned off. We recommend clearing off leaves and debris using a leaf blower, garden hose, or leaf net. Avoid using a rake because it could damage your cover. If you find yourself with a substantial amount of leaves and debris to clear, it might be a good time to trim trees close to the pool area.

Snow is the exception to this rule. It’s not necessary to remove snow from your pool cover. As long as the cover is in good condition and properly maintained, it can easily hold up to three feet of snow.

Remove Standing Water

Keep standing water off your pool cover during the winter. The extra weight puts undue strain on the cover seams and should be removed. Also, keeping the cover dry is a deterrent to thirsty wildlife that could cause damage. Check for standing water after heavy rainfall, and remove it using a cover pump or sump pump.

Retain Cover Tension

Maintain proper cover tension during the winter, and check for gaps that could let small children or curious animals fall into the pool.

Above-Ground Pools: Regularly check the tension in your cover cable and winch. If using cover clips, make sure they are secure, and monitor the air in your air pillow. If the air pillow isn’t inflated, replace it quickly to protect your pool walls and cover from expansion if the water freezes.

In-Ground Pools: Periodic adjustments to the springs and straps are needed to keep the cover taut. It’s perfectly normal for the material to stretch or loosen, especially if it is new. Additionally, check that anchors in your pool deck remain secure, and patch any holes or tears that develop in the cover.

Check Water Level

Always keep the water level below the skimmer when it’s covered. Depending on the type of cover you use, and the amount of precipitation in your area, it might be necessary to adjust the water level in your pool throughout the winter. Never let the water level get more than 18” below the cover. Too little water in the pool can damage the cover, especially if there’s substantial snowfall in your area. However, if your water level gets too high, use a cover pump or garden hose to drain it to a safe level.

Keep your pool cover in good shape and relax knowing it can handle any weather mother nature throws at it. Plus, a little maintenance during the off season makes for a hassle-free opening. Give us a call if you have any questions or to purchase a new cover for your pool. Or, visit our online store for any cover pumps, chemicals, or patch kits. Have a safe and happy winter!

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