Can I Use My Sauna in Summer?

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After a day contending with the heat of the summer sun, it may seem counterintuitive to hit the sauna for a sweat session. But actually, there are a lot of reasons to keep up your sauna sessions, not least of all, the year-round health benefits they bring! So yes, you can use your sauna in summer. In fact, we highly recommend it. Here are 3 great reasons to continue using your sauna this summer.

Use Your Sauna to Boost Immunity

A summer cold is never fun, but these days a strong immune system is more important than ever. ,,Research has shown that sauna bathing increases the production of white blood cells and lowers your risk of catching a cold or flu. For the biggest immunity boost, make sauna bathing a frequent part of your regular routine.

Loosen Up and Ease Pain

Sore after a day of yard work? Wish you could speed up recovery after you push yourself with a tough workout? It’s time to hit the sauna! The heat will increase your circulation to speed up healing, plus target tight muscles to ease the pain. You’ll leave the sauna feeling limber and relaxed. To deal aches and pains a double blow, combine your sauna session with stretching.

Detox and Clarify Skin

Our bodies pick up a ton of toxins from our environments year-long, but summer throws a few more things into the mix, like ,,sunscreen and chlorine. If the extra thick layer of sunscreen leaves you dealing with acne and blemishes, give your skin relief with your sauna! Sauna-bathing produces a deep sweat that can help your body get rid of toxins and impurities. You’d think that sweating in the summer sun counts, but regular sweat is 99% water and doesn’t have the same clarifying benefits.

Using a sauna offers ,,serious benefits all year long, even in summer! Of course, frequent sauna use will produce the greatest health benefits. That’s where a Jacuzzi® infrared sauna comes in! With a ,,Jacuzzi Clearlight® in your master bathroom, basement, or home gym, you can easily enjoy your daily sauna soak whenever it best fits your schedule. ,,Contact us to learn more about the Clearlight sauna that’s right for you.

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