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If you don’t relish the idea of going outside in your swimsuit to exercise during a cold New York winter, you may wonder, “Can a swim spa be installed indoors?” Actually, yes! Installing a swim spa indoors is the ultimate solution.  Wellis® Swim Spas perfectly combine the best of hydromassage and a flexible home exercise system. With easy indoor access, you can  use it regularly all year long. And while it might seem intimidating to install a swim spa indoors, it’s actually a fairly simple process. Sunrooms, enclosed patios, and basements are all excellent locations for an indoor swim spa. With a minimal amount of planning, your dreams of an indoor oasis and home gym can be a reality!

Assess the Location for a Swim Spa to Be Installed Indoors

The first consideration when installing a swim spa indoors is assessing the location. The floor in the room should be level and provide adequate support for the weight of the water-filled spa. At the risk of sounding obvious, it’s also important to double check the dimensions of the room. Take measurements to ensure the swim spa can fit through your house and confirm that all access panels will be reachable once installed. This will be very important for future maintenance. Finally, check the voltage in the room. You may need to hire an electrician to determine if an additional power outlet is required.

Check the Flooring

You will also want to think about the flooring material in the room. Be sure to use non-slip, water resistant flooring. Ceramic tiles and stained concrete are both excellent options. Installing rubber mats is another way to reduce the risk of slipping or falling. We recommend you avoid carpeting or any other floor covering that might trap water. No matter how careful you are, water will get on the floor as you enter and exit the swim spa. Always dry excess water or install a drainage system in the floor to make your life easier.

Prepare for Humidity

Humidity will increase in the air as the water evaporates and condenses. Be sure the ventilation in your room is properly equipped to handle the additional humidity and moisture. In most cases, an exhaust fan or additional vent can remove the excess moisture from the air. However, dehumidifiers work wonders. We recommend them for the very best results.

Another way to combat the extra humidity is by using moisture-resistant drywall. This type of drywall, sometimes referred to as green board, is designed for high humidity areas of the home like bathrooms and kitchens. It’s perfect for your swim spa room because the moisture-resistant treatment will reduce your chance of developing mold or mildew. Consider using a mold-resistant paint in combination with the green board to keep your walls in excellent condition.

Planning for the best location with proper flooring and ventilation will make your indoor swim spa installation an unparalleled success! It’s possible to enjoy the health benefits of daily swimming and hydromassage without ever leaving your home. We would love to help you get started planning your indoor swim spa today! Call one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members to discuss all your options. Until then, download your free brochure to start dreaming your best indoor swim spa dreams!

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