Boost Your Immune System With a Sauna

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If there was ever a time to care about getting sick, it’s definitely in the year 2020! Wellness is always essential, but this year has reminded us that health is the greatest wealth. Having a strong immune system is one of the keys to healthy living. You’re probably already familiar with some of the ways you can boost your immune system: a healthy diet, not smoking, exercising, and managing your stress, for instance. But did you know that boosting your immune system can be as enjoyable as using the sauna?

Fake a Fever

If you get a mild fever, you stick it out as long as you can, right? Because having a fever means that your body is fighting the bacteria or virus that’s making you ill. When you have a fever, it triggers your white blood cells to “attack” the harmful pathogens. ,,Studies have shown that saunas have a similar effect.

The infrared heat in a ,,Jacuzzi® Clearlight® Sauna increases white blood cell production so your body will be better prepared to fight off colds and flu. And that’s a huge win for you.


Ironically, the body’s reaction to stress is meant to be a good thing. When you’re stressed, the fight-or-flight response kicks in, temporarily boosting performance. The keyword is temporarily. Chronic stress, on the other hand, harms the body. It takes a toll on the immune system, raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, and can even cause changes to the brain.

However, using a sauna can help lower stress. Not only does it provide a quiet refuge to recharge, but the heat helps lower levels of cortisol in your body. And of course, lowering stress will help your immune system.

So, regular sauna sessions will provide a one-two punch that boosts immunity in two ways: first, by “faking a fever” to stimulate white blood cell production, and then by helping you manage stress.

Are you ready to reap those amazing sauna benefits in your own home? It’s time for a ,,Clearlight Sauna by Jacuzzi! ,,Get in touch with us or stop in Orange County Pools & Spas to learn more.

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