4 Backyard Designs That are BACK in Style in 2023!

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4 Backyard Designs That are BACK in Style in 2023!

Visions of bell bottom pants, the latest classic TV show remake, and an abundance of shoulder pads may have you checking the calendar to see what year it is. But what goes around comes around — even in 2023. Just like vintage clothing styles and TV favorites, the backyard living industry has seen a revival of former trends that we give two thumbs up! Here are four backyard designs that are back in style in 2023.

Rectangular Swimming Pools

Over the past several years, non-symmetrical pool shapes have dominated the backyard scene. While those free-flowing pool designs are still popular and in style, we are also seeing a resurgence of the clean, crisp lines of rectangular or square shaped pools. Not only are those 90-degree angles aesthetically pleasing and Instagram worthy, they have many practical advantages, as well. Regular pools allow for ample swim space including a swim lane if you’d like. They are also space efficient and simple to clean. At Orange County Pools & Spas, we have many rectangular fiberglass pool options. Choose from Imagine® Pools’ beautiful rectangular options including The Celebration, The Freedom, The Marvelous and more.

Bright Color Pops Throughout Your Backyard

Funky and bright colors are making a comeback in backyard designs. Incorporate fun retro colors throughout your outdoor area for that aesthetically pleasing pop. You might add these bright color vibes in accent pillows, outdoor furniture, colorful pots for plants, accent tiles, or other outdoor decor.

A Spa Retreat Area

Take your hot tub use to the next level with a spa retreat area. This space in your backyard is about so much more than just soaking in your hot tub. It’s also about creating a place you can escape to for relaxation and calm while enjoying the great outdoors. Create a spa retreat in your backyard by first adding a spa cover, such as a pergola or Covana® cover. You can then add privacy plants, an outdoor entertainment center for soothing music (or TV binging), and dreamy mood lighting. Get ready for a daily staycation in your hot tub with an incredible backyard spa oasis. 

Classic Outdoor Games for the Whole Family

Who remembers four square, knockout, and bocce ball? These classic games are fun for the whole family and increasing in prevalence. In recent years, there has also been a nationwide surge in pickleball, first made popular in the 1960’s. Adding a home court to your backyard allows you and your family to enjoy these games together at any time. Work with our design team to choose from a plethora of styles, features, and color options to get the court you desire. Stay healthy and have loads of fun with your family on a home court!

Get Stylish Backyard Designs in 2023

It can be tough to keep up with the latest and greatest. But, if you’re ready to make your backyard in vogue, exceptionally fun, and full of useful features, we can help! Upgrade your outdoor space with these in-style backyard designs this year. Contact our team at Orange County Pools & Spas to create the backyard of your dreams in 2023. From fiberglass and vinyl liner swimming pools to luxury hot tubs and sport courts, we offer everything you need to make your backyard the best.

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