When on a quest for swim spas in , there’s only one place to look — Orange County Pools & Spas. Our Wellis® Swim Spa collection is your retreat for the best in aquatic recreation. Build a backyard space for the ultimate in streamlined swimming, family gathering, and restful relaxation. 

A swim spa truly has the best features of both a swimming pool and a hot tub. With spaces for fitness, play, and relaxation, you’ll love the versatility that a quality swim spa brings to your backyard. Want to take a peek into the incredible ways that a Wellis swim spa can transform your life? Let’s take a look around.

Orange County Pools offers Wellis® Swim Spa

State-of-the-art hydrotherapy meets smart technology in every swim spa model from Orange County Pools & Spas. With three different models to select from, you have your choice of the ideal space for your needs.

Danube W-Flow

First up is the Danube W-Flow, your key to a great swim. With powerful jets that create a swim current similar to swimming in open water, the Danube is an ideal choice. With a generous swim area and a customizable current speed, you’ll enjoy powerful exercise, whether you’re looking for a slow pace or you’re an athlete training for an event. 

Or, invite all your family and friends over and use your swim spa as a backyard pool! Splash and play the days away for the best in seasonal fun. And when it’s time to relax, the 24 custom jets will whisk away the worries of life and reduce pain. With the Danube W-Flow, you’ve found your all-in-one haven for all of your aquatic needs.

Amazonas W-Flow

Next up on our list is the amazing Amazonas W-Flow, your space for water-time fun. Featuring your very own backyard gym, you can get your workout in with incredible swim spa amenities. From a customized swim stream to an attachable rowing kit, you can use your swim spa for a powerful, low impact workout any time of day. 

But don’t think that your swim spa is only for adults. The swim flow can be changed for a gentle swim experience for beginners. Teaching kids to swim? Your Amazonas W-Flow is ideal. And when you are ready for soothing hydrotherapy, your cove seats feature ergonomic design and powerful hydrotherapy. Bring happiness and comfort home with the Amazonas W-Flow from Orange County Pools & Spas.

Rio Grande W-Flow

Take your backyard space to the next level with the Rio Grande W-Flow. If you are looking for an incredible swim spa in , this one tops the list. One of the most well-equipped spas around, the Rio Grande is the best of everything — both pool and hot tub. Adjust the swim current to your liking for a sensational swim. With a massive swim area, there’s a generous amount of room.

Tailored workouts can be achieved with optional aquatic accessories for increased fitness. You’ll also notice that the dual zone wall allows for a dedicated hot tub area that’s big enough for the whole family. Watch your kids swim from the comfort of your separate  heated spa. Or, splash and play together in the expansive swim area. With the Rio Grande W-Flow, the choice is yours!

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When you want only the best swim spa, there’s only one place to look in . Orange County Pools & Spas is your one-stop shop for the stunning swim spas from Wellis. With space for those of all ages and abilities, your swim spa will quickly become your favorite space at home. Renew your mind, body and soul with a sensational swim spa from Orange County Pools & Spas. We’d love to show you just how transformational the right swim spa can be.

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