7 Halloween Party Tips for Your New York Backyard

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7 Halloween Party Tips for Your New York Backyard

It’s the spookiest time of the year and we are here for it! Make this Halloween all treats and no tricks with a fun and spooktacular backyard party. But before you invite over every ghost and goblin in the neighborhood, plan your backyard party with these seven Halloween party tips for your New York backyard.

1. Keep Things Bright

By the end of October, your New York backyard will be very dark at party time. Brighten the night and keep the mood festive with lots of fun outdoor lighting. Add glowing Jack-o-lanterns, LED candles, and hang string lights around your backyard. You may even find Halloween-colored string lights to stay on theme.

2. Be Prepared for New York Weather

In late October in New York, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. In Halloweens past, we’ve had hot weather, cold weather, rain, sunshine, and even snow on a few rare occasions. (Who all remembers the Halloween Blizzard of 2011?) Typically though, the weather will be pleasant but a little chilly at party time. You may consider having a fire pit or outdoor heater to keep guests warm. You might also think through a contingency plan if you have inclement weather. 

3. Costumes for Kids of All Ages

You’re never too old for a great Halloween costume! Plus, it makes your backyard party all the more fun. Whether you dress as your favorite TV character, stick with something iconic, or prefer something more creepy, it makes for a festive and memorable night. Invite your guests to participate in dressing up as well! 

4. Enjoy Haunted Hot Tub Fun

Invite partygoers to enjoy a soak in your Wellis® Hot Tub. Guests will enjoy the warm water and powerful jet system along with great conversations. You can set the mood to spooky with the built-in light therapy system that features up to 20 LED lights in your choice of color. You can also play the Monster Mash on repeat over the high-quality MyMusic® Sound System. Both of these features can be easily controlled right from your phone using the in.touch 2™ SmartPhone app.

5. Project an Outdoor Movie

What is Halloween without a classic spooky movie? Using an outdoor projection system, you can watch a classic flick with your friends in your New York backyard. Some favorite Halloween party movies for all ages may include Hocus Pocus, the Nightmare Before Christmas, or Casper.

6. Play a Spooky Game of Basketball

Put your backyard court to good use with a spooky game of basketball. Using a glow-in-the-dark basketball, you can play a game of Knockout, Horse, or classic 3-on-3. You can also line the rim and backboard with an LED rope light and all players can wear glow stick bracelets. It makes for a fun game of hoops like you’ve never played before.

7. Enjoy Festive Food

Perhaps the most important of all Halloween party tips is to serve delicious food. Guests will come hungry and be looking for munchies. Impress your guests this Halloween with festive on-theme treats. Serve up cake pop eyeballs, ghostly white chocolate-dipped strawberries, mummy-wrapped hot dogs, and more! 

Have a spooktacular Halloween party in your New York backyard! Contact our team at Orange County Pools and Spas to help get your backyard ready for your big event and to learn more about our products. Happy Halloween from Orange County Pools and Spas!

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