5 Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub During Spring & Summer

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Since you love slipping into your warm, bubbly hot tub on cold winter nights, you might expect that you wouldn’t use your spa much in hot weather. But, there’s no reason to give up those hot tub hydrotherapy benefits just because it’s warm outside! Not only can you use your hot tub during the spring and summer, but you should. You just may find you love using your hot tub in summer just as much as you do in winter. Try out these 3 ways to enjoy your hot tub in warm weather and find out for yourself.

Early Morning Soaks

When the morning dew is still on the grass and the world is quiet, there’s no better way to start your day than with a soak in your hot tub. Whether you meditate, listen to a podcast, or just enjoy slipping away for some alone time before your busy day starts, the warm water will feel great in the morning before the day has gotten too warm.

Before Bed

Did you know soaking in a hot tub before bed can help you sleep better? Yes, you get a chance to clear your mind and ease aches and pains, but even more, the warm waters can trigger your body’s natural sleep rhythm.

Naturally, our body temperatures fall shortly before it’s time to sleep and continue to fall through most of the night. That decrease in temperature is part of our natural circadian rhythm. It’s the “it’s time to sleep” signal your body gets each night that you’re not even aware of.

Your hot tub can amplify that response. As you recline in the hot tub, your core temperature will rise slightly. Then, as your temperature cools after your soak, it enhances the natural cooling that your body is waiting for as a sleep trigger.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to keep your hot tub at its max setting for this to work. Even if you turn your hot tub down a few degrees to a temperature that feels more comfortable on a warm summer night (something in the 98°F – 100°F range might feel perfect), it will still be warm enough to help.

Before Working Out

You know the importance of stretching before working out, but did you know it’s best to stretch warm muscles? When your muscles are warm, they’ll be more pliable so you can stretch deeper and avoid injuries. Even a quick 10-minute soak can help you limber up!

At Parties

Before long, we’ll all be able to spend time with our friends and family again. And let’s be real. It doesn’t matter what the temperature is, when the BBQ is over and everyone is lounging around, chatting as the stars come out, the hot tub starts to look more and more inviting! On spring nights when the air turns a bit chilly, your warm hot tub will be the ideal way to end the party.

On the hottest summer days, convert your spa to a “cool” tub and keep the party going. You have a couple of options. Lower the temperature to 95°F or less (anything less than body temperature will feel refreshing), or turn off the heater completely and crank up the jets to cool the water down.

Hot tub owners, don’t miss out on the hydrotherapy and other hot tub benefits by covering your spa and leaving it until autumn! Whether you use it during the coolest hours of the day or lower the temperature, there’s plenty of ways to get your relaxing, rejuvenating daily soak in, all year long.

No hot tub of your own yet? Don’t wait. Bring your new spa home now and you can watch the spring flowers bloom from your hot tub!

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