5 Things You Must Do for Your Pool in Fall

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Believe it or not, autumn is right around the corner. Soon the Hudson Valley is going to be alive with the reds and yellows of fall. With cooler temps and getting back into a school routine, you’re probably not going to be thinking about your pool much. But, don’t forget about it altogether because there are a few things you must do for your pool in fall. Before you jump into fall festivities, jot these things down in your planner.

Skim, Filter, and Clean Your Pool Regularly

All those beautiful leaves will be floating into your pool quicker than they do during the summer. Left in your pool, leaves and other debris will float to the bottom and decay — and that spells trouble with increased algae growth for your pool. Besides that, they can stain the bottom of your pool if left too long. They can even clog your filters or damage your pool pump if you put off maintenance.

Keep the Water Balanced

If your family isn’t using the pool much, you may be tempted to skip balancing the water. But actually, that will make your job harder later. We already mentioned that there may be more leaves and debris falling into your water, which will throw off your chemical levels. While you’re skimming leaves out of your pool, take a moment to balance the water.

Calibrate the Heater

If you’re one of the lucky pool owners enjoying an extended pool season thanks to a heater, make sure to keep it calibrated. A well-calibrated pool heater means less money spent on energy costs.

Tackle Any Repairs or Remodeling

Autumn, when swim season is over for most people but they haven’t closed their pool yet, is a great time to tackle any pool repair or remodeling projects. Need a new liner, safety cover, or filter or pump? Maybe you’d like to completely refurbish your in-ground pool. ,,Give us a call! Fall is a fantastic time for these kinds of projects.

Prepare for Closing Your Pool

If you’re planning to close your pool yourself, right now is the right time to stock up on any supplies you might need, like chemicals, air pillows, or winter pool plugs. We’ve made it easy to grab what you need with our ,,online store and curbside pick-up. Or, if you’d like to leave closing your pool for winter to the pros, ,,let us handle it for you!

Now with these 5 must-do’s here’s a bonus what-not-to-do tip: Don’t close your pool too early. Wait until the weather is consistently cooler than 65°F. Otherwise, warmer autumn days will cause algae to grow under your pool cover, and nobody wants to find a green pool when they remove the cover in the spring.

Any other questions about caring for your pool this fall? ,,Call us today!

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