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Did you know that studies have shown that feeling gratitude can actually make us happier? That’s right. Just the practice of having a thankful mindset seems to have an association with our mental and physical well-being. Who doesn’t want that? Despite 2020 giving us plenty of things to not be thankful for, most of us can still come up with plenty of reasons to feel grateful. If you’ve got a hot tub, you’ve got a big reason right outside your back door! Here are five reasons to be thankful for your hot tub.

Hot tubs promote better sleep.

If you have trouble falling asleep or you toss and turn all night, your hot tub can help! Not only will the warm waters soothe you and put you in a relaxing mood for sleep, but the heat can help regulate your circadian rhythm by triggering your sleep cycle. First, the heat will raise your core temperature. Then, after you get out of the hot tub, your body will gently cool, mimicking the cool-down process that naturally happens at night before you sleep. A hot tub soak about 90 minutes before bed each night can help you fall asleep easier and rest better.

Hydrotherapy eases joint and muscle pain.

Arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic back pain, hip, neck, or shoulder pain… a hot tub can improve all these aching conditions! The unique combination of heat, buoyancy, and jetted massage relieves pressure on joints while massaging away pain.

Regular hot tub use can boost immunity.

We already mentioned how using a hot tub raises your core temperature. For your body, it’s almost like faking a fever. Blood flow increases and white blood cell production goes up, which in turn can boost your immune system.

Soak your stress away.

A little stress is okay. It’s what triggers the fight or flight response if we’re in a dangerous situation. It can even help the body momentarily perform better. But we’re not supposed to live in that zone full time. This is why chronic stress has all sorts of negative consequences. For instance, it can lead to heart disease, mental health conditions, and can even kill brain cells. Here’s some good news: Soaking in a hot tub lowers your cortisol level and eases stress. Plus, it provides a quiet place to rest and recharge, which undoubtedly helps, too.

Deepen relationships with your loved ones.

Why does it seem so hard to get in quality time with your favorite people when you’re all right in the same house? Maybe it seems like everyone is on their electronic devices all the time. Or, maybe it seems like there just isn’t a big enough pocket of time in the evening to spend quality time together. But with a hot tub there is! You may be surprised how just 15-20 minutes of talking and laughing together in the hot tub a few times a week can make such a big impact on your relationships.

These are just a few of the reasons to be thankful for your hot tub this season! We have a challenge for you. Sneak away to your hot tub for a little me-time, and think up some other things you have to be grateful for. You’ll finish your day feeling positive and happy. Need chemicals to keep your spa water sparkling clean? Or maybe some hot tub aromatherapy to take your soaking experience to the next level? Grab what you need in our online shop.

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