5 Fun Games With a Basketball Court (Besides H-O-R-S-E)

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You got a basketball court because you love the game, but sometimes, a change of pace would be nice. Nothing beats 1-on-1 (or 5-on-5) and H-O-R-S-E is a classic, but for some variety, add these 5 fun games into your rotation. From getting your non-hoops loving family members involved to secretly having your kids practice their basketball skills, there’s something for everyone on this list!

Firing Squad

A variation on H.O.R.S.E, this game will get everyone’s blood pumping with a bit of controlled chaos. Instead of taking turns, everyone shoots at the same time, rebounding for themselves. All shooters still start at spot #1, and you can’t advance to another spot until you’ve made the basket. The first player to make the shot from spot #5 wins.

Dribble Limbo

Who doesn’t like to play Limbo? But in Dribble Limbo, things are a bit more complicated. Two players hold the limbo pole, starting it out at chest height. As the other players move under the pole, they have to keep dribbling and control the ball. If the basketball gets away from you when it’s your turn, or you can’t lean back far enough to make it under the pole, you’re out.

Sharks & Minnows

Do you want to help your kiddo improve her dribbling skills? Play Sharks and Minnows! Select one person to be the shark and the other one(s) to be the minnow. The minnow will need to dribble from baseline to baseline without losing her ball while the shark (who doesn’t have a basketball) tries to steal or knock the minnow’s ball out of bounds. This is a great game for two people or a crowd of people. Just designate another shark if there are many minnows.

Buzzer Beater

Pick a designated spot for all the shooters to line up. It could be the free throw line, the 3-point line, or even half court. Then, using a timer to mark 10 or 20 seconds, each player takes a turn making as many baskets as they can before the buzzer goes off. Whoever makes the most baskets wins!

Other (Non-Basketball) Games

One of the great things about the home courts we build for homeowners is that they have a durable playing surface that will stand the test of time. This surface makes them perfect as a multi-sport game court. So, what other games does your family love to play? Volleyball, badminton, or tennis? Set up the net and challenge a family member to a game!

No backyard basketball court of your own yet? Let us design you a court that will make your home the best house in the neighborhood!

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