10 Plants You Can Water with Your Spa

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When it comes time to deep clean your hot tub this spring, why not recycle your water? Rather than letting your spa water go to waste, you can treat it and use it to water your garden. Recycled water can be stored and used throughout the year. Want to know if your garden can use spa water? Here’s a list of 10 plants you can water with your spa!


Determining that Water is Safe for Your Plants

Using your spa water in your garden is much easier than you might think. While you do use chemicals like chlorine and bromine to keep your hot tub sanitary, that doesn’t make your water unusable.

The first thing to do when you want to recycle your water is to test the chlorine levels. Anything below 70 ppm is safe for many plants. If your chlorine levels are too high, just let your water sit out uncovered. The sun will naturally evaporate excess chlorine. Bromine, on the other hand, has not been shown to damage plants, making it a non-issue when it comes to watering your garden.

Other than testing chlorine levels, it’s also important to test your water’s pH. Acidic water can damage plants, but you can fix acidity with ease. Simply add a base to the water to bring the pH back into balance. Once your water is no longer acidic, it’s ready to use! Here are some excellent plants that will love a tasty drink.


Flowers & Herbs

Violets – If you have a primarily flower-based garden, violets are one of the most common choices to brighten up your beds. These durable flowers are happy to drink any water you give them, so long as it is not filled with high levels of chlorine.

Foam Flower – A wildflower, foam flowers are great for luring bees. Their fluffy appearance makes them a charming addition to traditional flower beds.

Iris – An annual bulb, iris flowers are durable. They are more than happy to drink some recycled water and flourish all the better for it.

Mint – Growing herbs is more common now as the tradition of having backyard gardens comes back into fashion. Whether you want to grow mint for tea or to add flavor to desserts, this hardy herb will grow with ease.

Thyme – Thyme can be grown indoors or outdoors, which makes it a versatile and popular choice amongst gardeners. Thyme is not particularly sensitive to recycled water.


Fruit & Vegetables

Berries – From blackberries to raspberries, your berry bush will be perfectly content with recycled water.

Broccoli – Your broccoli heads will fair very well when fed with recycled spa water.

Carrot – Carrots, in all their variations of rainbow and orange, stand up well to the use of recycled water. If you don’t already have carrots in your garden, we suggest them. They are very resilient and are harvestable for a long season.

Peas – Peas are another hardy harvestable that does well throughout the year. This often-overlooked vegetable does great with recycled water and can even survive spring frosts.

Eggplant – Like all our mentions in this article, eggplants can survive very well on recycled water. This versatile fruit is grown all over the world and manages to flourish in a wide array of environments.


Need a spa to water your garden?

The fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers we mentioned above are only some of the great plants that would love to be fed some recycled water this spring. As long as you minimize the chlorine in your water and regulate your pH levels, many plants will be able to drink recycled water. So, don’t waste another drop of precious water this spring! Test and treat your water and give it a new life in your garden! You’ll be happy you did. And if you have a garden, but need a spa to help water it, we here to help you find your perfect match. With incredible models from several of the top brands in the world, we’ll help both you and your plants to have the best spring and summer ever. Call us today to find the perfect partner in bringing beauty to your life and garden for years to come.

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